“The World” Travels…the World!


Years ago, I was in Nanaimo, British Columbia, where the yacht I was on was moored for a week or so. One morning, when I woke early to go crabbing before breakfast service, I spotted a cruise ship anchored fairly close to the ferry dock.

Upon closer inspection, it was no cruise ship I recognized. No insignia of the line, nothing obvious. The only thing was the ship’s name: “The World.”

When I returned from crabbing and had a few moments to surf the ‘Net, I learned that this ship is literally a floating “neighborhood.” She features 165 private “residences,” each with their own veranda. The ship literally cruises the world’s oceans, visiting exotic and far-off locales and you can live on her permanently or part-time…it’s all up to you.

Of course, for me, it’s all about the food, and on The World you have many options. There are six actual restaurants aboard, some featuring Michelin-quality cuisine and service. You can also have a private chef come and cook for you in your residence, or you can “shop” at the on-board store and cook “at home.”

According to the official website, the culinary staff do exactly what I would do for my yacht when they reach a new port: go “exploring” to see what they can procure from the local community. And, as I would love to do, the chefs will take the residents out provisioning with them! Imagine how much fun it would be to go to a spice market and collect those unusual spices of the region and prepare your meal using them later that evening! Or find some of the freshest truffles you’ll ever experience, or perhaps learn how to prepare a new fish or seafood dish.

There are so many things that are unique and special about this unusual “yacht.” I’m really excited about the possibility of doing a future episode of ShipboardChef aboard The World! It’s on my list of places to explore, and I’d love a behind-the-scenes look at how all the food happens.

I’m sure this is a far-flung dream right now, given the tumultuous times we are in. But, on the other hand, there is NO BETTER time to be dreaming and imagining what you want to do with your future. I mean, I’m sure The World community is as careful — if not more — than our land-based groups and precautions are certainly being taken. If I can share with you another fantastic journey at sea, you know I’ll do my darnedest to provide it to. In the meantime stay tuned because more, accessible adventures are on our near-future itinerary!


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