Saturday, June 3, 2023

I am in the most recent edition of Dock Walk!

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Corinne Gregory Sharpe — The ShipboardChef!

Come aboard and join ME on this unforgettable adventure. Where will we go next?

What is a ShipboardChef?

I’m SO glad you asked! I have the greatest job ever!  Where else can you go where your view out your restaurant window changes daily, you never know what you’re going to experience, and no two days are EVER alike.

I travel around the globe, cooking on some of the most luxurious — and not-so-luxurious — boats, yachts and other vessels you’ll ever imagine. Under circumstances you’d never expect.

I am OBSESSED by food, cooking, and service. Whether foraging on shore for wild mushrooms, berries or sea beans, (even GLACIER ice) or creating a dish from some new ingredient I’ve never used — I LOVE food, I love to prepare it, I love to serve it, I LOVE seeing smiles on my owners’ and guests’ faces. It IS what makes me want to do it all again…and more…the very next meal, the next day, the next trip!

Food, food, food, food…GLORIOUS FOOD!  It’s one thing we ALL have in common. The need to eat.

I have a “need to feed.”  And that need is insatiable.  If I’m not cooking, I’m thinking about cooking. I’m thinking about food, I’m dreaming about food.  New ingredients, new ways of serving, new flavor combinations. In this section, I’ll share with you some of my recipes that I share with owners and charter guests, private parties and cooking classes, or just food I cook for family and friends.  I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I do!

Boats — all kinds of boats — whether they are fancy, luxury yachts, more classic wooden boats, cruise ships, maybe even commercial vessels. They are all different, they have their unique features and, yes…personalities.  Take a look at some of the boats I’ve worked on, some I’d LIKE to work on, and even some I’ll only get to see “behind the scenes.” Keep checking back for new entries in the world of boats! Maybe the next one will be yours!

What’s great about a boat?  It can take you to so many places — some places only a boat can go!  There are so many incredible places on this earth, and many of them have water access.  Whether you are into the tropical blue of the Caribbean, the azure of the Mediterranean, the glacier silt of Alaska, or the greenish aqua of the South Pacific — there is sure to be a place that makes you gasp. And, in my job as chef aboard, I get to experience this…the adventure, the culture, the locations…right along with my guests and crew.