Friday, March 1, 2024

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The Shipboard Chef, Author, Media Talent – Food & Lifestyle

As long as she can remember, Corinne has loved food, cooking and serving delicious dishes and meals. Her creativity showed itself at an early age: at age six, she presented her mother with her first-baked birthday cake, frosted in home-colored lavender (grey) frosting, decorated with Chiclets gum and fresh flowers (which, we later learned weren’t edible….but they were pretty!) At age 10, she was helping a friend of her mother’s in her catering business. By the time she reached 16, she had completely taken over the family meal planning, shopping and cooking and regularly embarked on mastering new cuisines such as Chinese/Mandarin, Mexican, and exploring all manners of pasta dishes in the days when most home cooks only knew of “spaghetti” and “macaroni” as noodles.

Since then, Corinne has widely expanded her abilities and experience and overall involvement in the food scene. She had had the pleasure of learning and cooking a huge variety of cuisines, — Asian, Italian, German, and Northwest are among her favorites, — under a variety of circumstances. She formed a business that did restaurant menu design and consulting for several of Seattle’s finest dining rooms, including the then-Four Seasons’ Atrium Court. She has served as cookbook reviewer and recipe tester for John Howie’s cookbook, Passion and Palate, and has competed on the Nate Berkus Show with none other than Diners, Drive Ins and Dives’ Host Guy Fieri as judge. Celebrity Chef and three times’ James Beard winner Tom Douglas is one of her mentors and she’s spent some time cooking at Etta’s, one of Tom’s iconic seafood restaurants.

She has always had a passion for water and outdoor activities, and grew up in Southern California surfing and sailing. As a yacht chef, she is able to combine two deep loves – cooking and the water – providing fresh, tasty and unique meals both underway and at anchor. When she’s not on the water, you can find her in her “land galley” (kitchen), in the outdoors foraging for mushrooms and other “wild” foods,  or on her deck grilling, harvesting and putting up fruits and vegetables, making homemade flavored vinegars and jams, curing and smoking meats. Her work as a yacht chef has required her to be certified in First Aid and Firefighting. Oh, and did we mention, she tosses knives?!

Corinne is no stranger to TV and the media – in her business as President and Founder of SocialSmarts, she is an expert in social skills, character and interpersonal communication. Her media appearances include the Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America, TIME Magazine, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and many more. She has also be a regular contributor for Q13 Fox News (Seattle) on topics ranging from social media use by kids and teens, cyberbullying, successful business practices and more.

For a copy of her current media kit, click here.

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