Problems? What Problems?


This may not be politically correct theses days, but I find myself using lines from movies to describe where I am in the process of bringing ShipboardChef to life. This morning, the classic quote from Jack Sparrow (CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow) from Pirates of the Caribbean came to mind:

Complications arose, ensued, were overcome.

More significantly, my own demeanor matches Jack’s in this picture. Kinda running with my hair on fire!

What I’m finding is that I have to constantly make stuff up as I go. This cruise we are doing for the shoot is coming together, but other bumps come up in the road. Such as, a sponsor who was all gung-ho to jump onboard (pun intended) only to come back a week later and say it was too short notice for them to participate this time. I get that — the opportunity for them WAS last-minute, but I hope to have a new partner in the near future. But, that breeds stress when we are largely self-funding this first round. Then, there are people issues…and boat location issues…and food supply issues…and what all do I need to serve my meals on…so on and so forth. Oh, then there’s COVID. All the protocols required, cleaning. Heck something as trivial as “I will have really nice cloth napkins for setup/photos but we will all be eating on (elegant) paper napkins for hygiene sake.” Oh, yeah…gotta buy those, too.

Ideally, if I had another month, I’d be in a much different place. I wouldn’t be sweating news day by day, waiting to hear back from one person or organization or another. There are so many moving parts, and I’m a real newbie at this. I can totally GET why these things are done through production companies who have showrunners and PAs. It’s so that THEY can deal with all the logistics and headaches and the talent can remain calm, unflustered, unstressed and just show up and do her job.

Next time. I do have to admit that I’ve had an AMAZING part-time PA — Kait Entsminger — who I met for a different purpose but she’s just been a total blessing to have on my team. I have other people in my court, supporting me, listening to me, coaching me, praying for me. That makes a crazy world of difference. We are 9 days away from welcoming guests, but there’s still SO much to do. At least now, it’s mostly around the actual cruise — food, planning an itinerary, activities and building a rough storyline so we know what we are shooting and where.

I know it’ll be easier next time. Maybe Netflix, Hulu or Amazon will call and say they have a home for us. Then I can turn over the hard stuff to someone else and just be a little more zen about it all. In the meantime, it’s gonna be hard, it’s going to take more pushing this boulder uphill and then…it’ll be SHOWTIME. What it all comes down to is….another line from a movie, this time from Gone With the Wind: “Lawdy, Miss Scarlett, I don’t know nuthin’ about birthin’ no TV show!”

The adventure continues…


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