Port Ludlow Pane d’Amore Delivery

Thanks for your interest in the Port Ludlow Residential Delivery Program.

I’m really excited to offer this service to my community. It’s never been done before, but, as a new baker at PdA, and as a resident of PL, I wanted to make this exceptional product available, easily and conveniently during these “exceptional times.”

Here are the basic rules:

  • You will set up an “account” with Pane d’Amore with your credit card. The info your card and contact info will go through our main office. You’ll send an email to Meredith Massey, our Production Coordinator and provide a contact phone number so she can call you and collect your info to put directly into our Square database. That will be the ONE and only time we need your CC info. You can click the link above or her email contact is ptpane@gmail.com. Your credit card will NOT be charged until after delivery, and, the billing process is on a once every two weeks cycle.
  • You will place your orders by email to me. You can use that link or send to corinne@shipboardchef.com. I need to finalize orders with the bakery by noon on Monday so I would ask that you have your orders to ME by 8am MONDAY morning. Anything after that, I’ll try to accommodate, but, since I’m in the bakery Monday morning by 8am, I can’t guarantee I’ll have time to process the order by the noon deadline.
  • You will order your products based on the product list on this page. These are the products I’m currently allowed to provide through this program.
  • If you want your bread sliced, you’ll need to specify that. The “default” delivery is unsliced, so be sure to let me know SLICED, if you want that.
  • I will pick up your orders from the Waterfront bakery location on Wednesday afternoon. I have been told that I NEED to deliver the same day as the products are baked. Currently pickup is from 4-5pm at the upper lot of the Port Ludlow Beach Club. Any product picked up after the Wednesday regular time has no guarantee on quality. Breads do “hold” but pastries have a limited shelf life once baked.
  • When you pick up your breads/pastries, a copy of your invoice will be on your bag. I have a second copy in my delivery book. I will note my copy of your invoice with the date/time you pickup the order to confirm you’ve received it
  • When I fulfill orders from the pickup location at the scheduled time, there will be NO charge for that service. If you want a home delivery, I’m happy to do it, but there will be a $5 delivery charge that goes to me, in cash, at the time of delivery. That will compensate me for my time and gas to do a special one-off, so I hope you consider that fair.
  • NOW: if you aren’t able to pick up an order at the designated time, there are two options: if you know ahead of time, CALL the store at 360.385.7111 and let them know. If you need to pick up on a Thursday and can’t come on the Wednesday time, I can hold your order for you and figure out how to get it to you. Please refer to the quality notes, above. If you are NO SHOW at delivery time, you have two options: 1) pick up and pay at the Uptown location in Port Townsend, or, essentially default on your order and unfortunately, your credit card will be charged. The bakery made the order in good faith that you will pickup and pay for it. I really don’t expect this will happen and, ultimately, I’ll try hard to make things work for you, but this is a special service and we have to make it work or it will….go away.

Depending on how popular this becomes, we may be able to expand our offerings/delivery schedule. Right now, I’m trying to do it around the days that I already work at the bakery so I don’t have to make extra trips into town (which means time/gas, etc.) You’ll see on the menus that several of the products I’ve had to line out because they just don’t fit with my current schedule. But, if there’s a huge desire for a product (like the Cranberry Walnut Bread which only gets baked on Wednesday and Saturday) then it may make sense for me to do a second round.

So, to reiterate, the bakery is excited about your interest, and I’m VERY happy to be helping my community. I am NOT getting any payment for this delivery, but if you feel it’s worthy, I will have a tip jar available — tips not expected…I love this community I’ve been blessed to discover and call home 6 years ago. But, in this crazy time, we HAVE to take care of each other because we are the closest thing to “help” we have.

So, again, remember you email ME for your orders based on the lists below and pickup is from 4-5pm at the upper lot of the Port Ludlow Beach Club. Special delivery (to your home) is an additional $5 cash for me and I’ll do that after the regular pickup time.

Regular Menu

A Selection of Pane d’Amore pastries including Cinnamon Twist, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate, Almond and Plain Croissants and a Blueberry Danish