How-to: Edible Sugar Bowls

Edible Sugar Bowls

One of the things you’ll find out, when you get to know me, is that I love to try new things. I’m always experimenting. I never get tired of learning, and frequently I push myself in the area of food. Gee…bet THAT surprised you? <ha!>

A couple of weeks ago, I started musing about how to make edible bowls. I have long since done things like bread bowls for soup, or using hollowed out pineapple halves for salads, using wontons for edible “cups,” but I have to admit I haven’t done much in the way of pasty (except for my Cannoli Cups).

My first attempt involved chocolate, and those were really fun to make. This time, I wanted to try SUGAR.

If you know anything about sugar work, you’ll know that it is a fickle medium. Depending on what you are doing, there is a specific temperature the sugar MUST reach and it’s not very forgiving. Then, there’s the “mold” you want to use for your bowl. When I did the chocolate bowls, I used small water balloons, filled them with air, and dripped the melted chocolate around it. Can’t do that with molten sugar; the balloon would pop!

For the sugar balloon molds, I used heavy-duty mylar balloons, intended to hold helium. Also, in order to quickly chill the hot sugar, I filled the balloons with cold water, not air.

Instead of all the written instructions, take a peek at another “first” I did…an explainer video that I posted on Instagram as my very first IGTV! Remember, this is version 1.0 for the glass bowls and the first time I’ve done a video like this so be gentle with me. I’d LOVE to get your feedback or comments, though…

I had to much fun putting this video together that I am inspired to make more. Stay tuned for the next culinary adventure I go on!


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