Draft Video Concept for Texas Pete Campaign


I am a hot sauce fiend! I will just about eat ANYTHING with the word “buffalo” somewhere in the recipe title. As such, I have three separate ideas for possible content. NOTE: one DOES typically include alcohol and I see that the brief specifically says NO alcohol, but I’m submitting it in the case it would be an appealing option either for this campaign or for a future collaboration.

The concept for this campaign is “Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower Bites with Texas Pete!” Since Spring is all about “lightening up,” an air-fried version of vegetarian “nuggets” should be appealing to the audience. I would show the whole process of menu prep and creation including prominent visuals of the Texas Pete hot sauce bottle and also show the bottle again at the closing of the video. I will do a voiceover of the process and include the recipe in the description of the video along with a link to the product (is there a discount code viewers can use?) Final product shots will include a platter of the Cauliflower bites on a bed of baby arugula for color and texture around a bowl of creamy Ranch or Blue Cheese dip, and a “nugget” being dipped in the sauce and held to the camera with the Texas Pete bottle in the background.

As the OUTTRO for each video I would encourage viewers to like the video and subscribe to my channel for more.


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